Simon Price

Simon Price Melbourne

Accomplished General Manager | APAC Expansion | Technology

Simon is a versatile career professional General Manager with formal qualifications in Information Technology and Marketing.  Simon has recruited and managed a variety of staff ranging from agile software development teams through to high performance sales teams.  Many of these individuals recruited and mentored now hold executive careers for software companies around the world. 

Simon is passionate about how technology can solve problems and improve productivity.  He has the ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand way.  This has allowed him to be successful in dealing with executives but also made him a well-regarded speaker at industry events.

As an active member of Executive and Project teams, Simon has been able to deliver outcomes outside of the scope of his role.

Financially astute, Simon focuses on doing “Good Business” to increase the profitability and reputation of organisations he has worked for and with.

Technology, People and Process can bring digital transformation to an organisation.  Simon loves technology , has a great history of bringing out the best in people and is rigorous about improving process where practical.

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